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Learning Design

Engaging, effectively designed learning experiences could be represented as an iceberg. Just ten per cent of the input effort will be immediately apparent to the learner ‘above the waterline’. However ninety per cent of the input effort derives from complex analysis, design and development tasks, hidden from view, but critical to learner success. With our help your solution appears effortless to the learner, but reflects the very latest in thinking and learning technology.

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Needs Analysis

We use comprehensive and systematic analysis techniques to identify your learning requirements, providing an auditable evidence-based approach to our recommendations for training and learning solutions.

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Design & Implementation

Our multi-skilled Instructional Designers harness the latest thinking in learning design. They build on the outputs from Needs Analysis to devise and design learning experiences that encourage learners to progress from knowledge recall, through knowledge understanding, to knowledge application and beyond.

Digital Learning

Through the use of new and innovative technologies proven learning techniques and adding our own personal touch, we seek to develop learning solutions that not only achieve the required results in a positive, enjoyable and engaging manner, but also change user’s eagerness to learn, perceptions and expectations along the way.

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We look to design our e-learning around your objectives and required outcomes. This could be using bite size learning modules, incorporating video or interactive scenarios or by presenting the information in such a way that hooks in the audience and makes them want to engage.

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Mobile Learning

We have created a web based, mobile accessible, organisational support tool capable of enhancing and reinforcing: Learning and development, Competence achievement and retention, Efficiency, Productivity.

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Simulation & Augmented Reality

We design and develop innovative custom-built solutions that generate an increased level of engagement. These methods generate significant impact, motivating learners to retain and apply the knowledge and skills they gain more effectively.

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Visual Media

By using the right type and quality of visual media you are able to get the message across to your target audience in a more effective way. This could include 360 video, interactive branching scenes, animated illustrations and high quality 3D representation.

Measuring Success

Our clients are driven to enhance organisational performance. This involves improving the efficiency and effectiveness of their learning processes in driving key performance indicators. Our unique approach involves analysing complex data about operational performance and then monitoring the impact of learning to assess what learners are actually achieving in practical and financial terms.

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Data Analytics

We work with one of our sister companies, Babcock Analytic Solutions, to help our customers make more cost effective decisions by turning data into actionable insights. We work with customers across the full data lifecycle delivering an effective distributed decision support service across the enterprise.

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Learning Evaluation

Evaluation is the process used in judging the worth of a learning solution to an organisation. This process allows BLS to monitor the impact of learning and assess what has practically been achieved, whether it was effective, efficient and how it contributed to the achievement of our clients desired business outputs.