Customer First Principles

  • We understand our customer’s needs.
    We are flexible and create individual experiences that our customers love.

    Be flexible to my needs and respectful of my time.
    I want an experience tailored to treat me as an individual, not a one-size-fits-all approach.

    • Offering a warm, genuine welcome
    • Making customers feel comfortable and at ease
    • Spending time getting to know each customer
    • Understanding and responding to each customer’s needs
    • Building a sense of belonging to the brand
    • Being personable and natural with customers

    Customers tell us that they value their relationships with us. They like to be recognised and acknowledged if they are a regular customer. They value relationships which are genuine and professional. They expect that we will take the time to get to know them and respond to their individual requirements.

    Examples of ‘Personalised’ in action include:

    • Offering help, but allowing the customer to browse the showroom without pressure
    • Running events to make customers feel part of the Brand
    • Referring to previous visits or conversations to build the relationship
    • Arranging the time and duration of the Handover to suit the individual’s needs
    • Taking the time to get to know other JLR teams to understand their issues and nee
  • We make the complex simple and respect our customers’ time.
    We put in the effort so our customers don’t have to put in the effort.

    You put the effort in so I don’t have to.
    My life is busy and complex so anything you can do to make things simpler and easier is appreciated.

    • Demonstrating a positive, ‘can do’ attitude
    • Anticipating and removing possible problems
    • Taking personal responsibility for getting things done
    • ‘Closing the loop’ to ensure everything’s been completed
    • Changing ways of working to avoid a problem happening again
    • Making it effortless and simple for the customer

    This Principle is about being proactive and taking personal responsibility for getting things done. It’s also about improving processes to enhance the service provided to the customer. The objective is to make it effortless and simple for the customer.

    Customer research consistently identifies this behaviour as important for our customers. It’s about a mind-set which needs to be shared by everyone who represents Jaguar Land Rover, whether in an internal role or a customer facing role.

    Examples of ‘Easy to Do Business With’ in action include:

    • Owning a customer problem and managing it through to resolution
    • Completing paperwork ahead of an appointment to speed things up for the customer
    • Simplifying key processes to make things easier for the customer
    • Focusing resources on resolving problems that cause customer dissatisfaction
    • Taking action to ensure that everything is available for a scheduled service or repair
  • We always keep to our word.
    We’re there for our customers, when they need us.

    Do the things you say you’re going to do,
    when you say you’re going to do them.

    • Doing what we say we’ll do, when we say we’ll do it
    • Providing regular progress updates
    • Understanding and managing customers’ expectations
    • Being courteous, responsive and prompt
    • Following our processes flexibly and thoroughly
    • Working as one team to serve the customer

    This Principle brings together a number of ideas such as being thorough and consistent and carefully following key in a way that meets the customer’s needs. It also covers communicating with customers to keep them up to date and manage their expectations to make sure that we deliver our commitments.

    These are the basic things that every one of us must get right in our day-to-day dealings with our customers.

    Examples of ‘Dependability’ in action include:

    • Keeping customers updated on any delays
    • Responding promptly to requests for information
    • Consistently following agreed ways of doing things
    • Answering the telephone promptly and to the agreed standard
    • Completing paperwork carefully and thoroughly
    • Working with other teams to meet customers’ needs
  • We’re genuine and open.
    We nurture long term relationships built on trust.

    You are my trusted advisor.
    You’re always open and have my best interests at heart.

    • Being straightforward, honest and fair
    • Being transparent and sharing information openly
    • Respecting the customer’s views and requirements
    • Guiding the customer to the best solution for him/her
    • Making changes to improve things for customers
    • Apologising for problems and putting things right

    This Principle is about treating customers with respect and giving them the solution that’s right for them. It’s about working in a way which is ethical and fair and doing the right thing, rather than what’s easiest. It’s about making decisions based on the needs of our customers, and being honest about problems and putting things right.

    Examples of ‘Transparency’ in action include:

    • Publishing clear service pricing; explaining the service invoice to the customer
    • Proving a clear breakdown of the vehicle purchase price, including trade in
    • Advising the customer against options or services that do not meet their needs
    • Allowing the customer to make the decision without pressure
    • Being honest and straightforward about problems (e.g. delivery delays)
  • We make our customers smile.
    We know it’s often the small things that make all the difference.

    Look after me and value me for today and for tomorrow.
    Put a smile on my face, it’s often the small things that make a difference and the ones I remember and talk about.

    • Aiming to exceed each customer’s expectations
    • Spotting opportunities to surprise and delight the customer
    • Doing the little things that make it special
    • Demonstrating generosity of spirit
    • Feeling good about what we do for our customers
    • Delivering the ‘wow’ factor that people will tell their friends about

    This Principle is about ‘going the extra mile’ to exceed customer expectations and deliver an outstanding customer experience. This is not necessarily about spending money on customer incentives or gifts, but about using our understanding of each customer’s personal situation to do the little things that will really add value for them.

    By doing this, we are demonstrating that we know our customers, and that we are willing to put in extra time and effort to look after them.

    Examples of ‘Make Me Feel Special’ in action include:

    • Walking a customer out to their car with an umbrella when it is raining
    • Showing ‘generosity of spirit’ in charging for small repairs
    • Offering small gifts (e.g. golf umbrellas) which reflect the customer’s interests
    • Making the Handover special and individual
    • Transferring luggage or shopping from the customer’s car to the courtesy car